Review: Robin Ruth

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Today I'll be reviewing the company Robin Ruth. Robin Ruth is a clothing and accessories brand, whose specialty is "chic tourist," as I would put it.  What separates them from other brands is the prints on their products. They all name a place/show a flag, such as Los Angeles or Jamaica, an activity, or the brand, as you can see below:

They have all different bag and clothing styles from totes to beanies. There are products from 50+ different countries in all!

Review: Converse - Chuck Taylor All Star II

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It's been about 2 years since Converse released their new line of shoes called Chuck Taylor All Star II. These shoes keep up with your daily activities a lot better then the 1st generation Chuck Taylors in terms of the stronger canvas. Also, might I add, these are WAY more comfortable. These shoes have special insoles made with Lunarlon. These insoles were originally developed for Nike. So, since Nike owns Converse, why not add them to the Chuck Taylors, making them more comfortable? These insoles are firm (and squishy) for optimized support (and comfort). Speaking of optimized comfort, they also have a padded "tongue"!😀

I found my second generation Chuck Taylors at the Converse store in Orlando. They had a 50% off sale on marked items (which was about half of the store's shoes). Mine have a sort-of neoprene knit fabric instead of the traditional canvas as the outside of the shoe. Mine also have rounder, mesh-like laces, as you can see in the…

Macys or a Mall: Nyc Edition

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Just last week I took a vacation to New York City with my family. We experienced lots of sights and cool things. But one of my favorite places to go is Macy's Department Store on 34th and 7th. It's so big, I can't tell if it is a store or a mall! Here are a few fun facts 😊

Macy's has fashion for babies, children, juniors, ladies, women, men, and even the house!
Designers such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton have their own stores within Macy's. Macy's is over 2.2 million square feet! By comparison the average Walmart is only 40,000 square feet.There are 3 Starbucks, including one in the mezzanine. If you go high enough in the store the original wooden escalators are still working and have been for 97 years. The store originally opened in 1902. Just recently they spent 400 million dollars on renovation making it look sleeker than ever.

I hope you liked my fun facts and are planning your vacations to Macy's!

Any fun sights I should see next tim…

Hype For Stripes!

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Stripes are the new statement piece for the spring/summer 2017 season. They've been seen on the Proenza Schouler runway to the red carpet. When it comes to stripes, stylists go all out.

Below are examples:

This is a Proenza Schouler striped dress.
I love this outfit head to toe because everything has stripes!
The earrings are stripes.
The dress is striped.
And the shoe straps are stripes.

Next we have an outfit by Solange:

I like this dress for its use of stripes and geometrics together. The gold sheen is also nice but not over-powering.

Next, we have a knit dress:

I think the styling with this dress is impeccable! The boots match the dark stripes, the handbag matches the thick silver stripes, and don't even get me started on how perfectly all the stripes line up! It's beautiful!

The photo below shows a striped red carpet dress worn at the Oscars:

What I like about this dress is the fact that the stripes were created in an unconventional way with…

Platform Sneakers: the New Heels

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Sneakers, Sneakers, Sneakers... They've snuck back into our lives. And I'm not talking about $50 Brooks. I'm talking about $200 trendy Gucci sneakers. This post is going to focus on the platform sneaker style. Platforms are sneakers that give you at least an extra inch by thickening the base. These shoes normally also have some pop to them, either through making the base an interesting color to making the entire top of the shoe metallic. Have a look at the list I compiled of platform sneakers, ranging from Gucci to Alice + Olivia:

$950 Gucci Leather Low-Top Platform Sneaker. I'd say these give you about 5 extra inches compared to the regular sneaker.
Click here for more info

Puma Zipped Women's Sneaker Boots, $390. These shoes elevate your outfit and you with at least an extra inch at the bottom.
Click here for more info

Alice + Olivia Rory Espadrille Platform Sneakers, $250. These shoes are more laid back and calm compared to the tougher sho…

Cannes Film Festival 2017: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Today I'm going to talk about the Cannes Film Festival.

The Cannes Film Festival is a huge invite-only gathering every year where they show new movies from all around the world. It's held in France and was originally called the International Film Festival.

I LOVE the clothes that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Bollywood star, wore all week. She's been attending this event for sixteen years now so she knows how to make a stunning entrance.

You can see her dresses below:


 Pretty awesome! This previous Miss World definitely knows how to do red carpet style.

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Tell me, what do you think about the clothes.


Visual Merchandising

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Today I'm going to be talking about how to attract business by making your store more visually appealing to the customer.

There are three main layouts to stores:

There's the spine layout:

With the spine layout, there's one main walkway you can take throughout the entire store that branches off to other departments. Next, there's the racetrack layout: For this layout, there's one main loop around the store that branches off into other departments. By using this floor plan, more people will walk around the entire store and possibly see something that they hadn't even thought about buying that day. Next is the grid layout: This layout is popular in places like Target that sell a variety of items from food to clothes. To make their shoppers' experience more convenient they use categories to sort their items. Categories are really helpful in generating more sales because if someone goes to a store to buy a chocolate bar there's a go…